Outside the classroom, teachers adopt the role of guide and mentor. The school has a unique system of self governance through such committees as the school council, the mess committee, the games committee and the technology council.
Discipline and ‘getting the job done‘ is left to the boys. The Prefects and the various Games’ Captains are given responsibility and a reasonable degree of authority to function effectively.
Each house has a House Captain and a couple of Prefects while a separate Games Captain is appointed for each sport. Overall responsibility resides with the School Captain.
A quaint aspect of the functioning of this system is often seen during break-time when a Prefect gives one of the boys a ‘change-in-break,’ which is a minor punitive measure for a misdemeanour. The boy has to run back to his house, change into his games clothes and report to a Prefect waiting under the elephant-apple trees for a signature on a blue slip or a chit written out by the boy himself.
At KVM, the House Council concept is unique. House Captains, Prefects, Students, Tutors and Housemasters hold a lively monthly meeting to discuss matters pertaining to the House, thereby encouraging participation and decision making.
The students earn their leadership laurels from an early age and from many different quarters. Every residential House sends representatives across forms to the School Council, Mess Committee, Library Committee and the Technology Committee. The School Council is the apex body that decides on policy matters pertaining to everyday running of the school.
The School also practices active leadership through its Boys-in-charge of the many societies, activities and publications.