Synonymous with quality education and pioneer in mooting all round development of a child, Kamdhenu Vidya Mandir has always been a trendsetter. Be it the huge campus or the latest technology used to enrich students knowledge, KVM has always been most sought after.

Mr. Daulat Ram Saran, whose vision and zeal have been the very foundation of this school, once said “Education is what education does”

The school’s crest is the representation of the ideologies of the school. The school’s motto, Naimatmas Balheenien Labhya, stands for the high standards that the school intends to maintain. From day one this school instils in its pupils self-control, truthfulness, unselfishness and frankness.

KVM has always taught discipline in a unique way. The discipline taught in Kamdhenu Vidya Mandir cannot be matched by any other schools because here, discipline is not imposed, but understood.

Of course, some students happen to misuse this freedom, but most of them come to realize the benefits of being disciplined.

This novel approach does create a misconception in some minds and Modern School is considered “less disciplined” at times. However, it is an indisputable fact that a majority of the SIAans have turned out to be super successful in their lives. Indomitable self confidence has become a the hallmark of a KVMans.