Naresh Kachhawa - Pricipal - Kamdhenu Vidya Mandir

Principal Message

“Education is not the filling of the mind with facts but initiating the mind.”

Kamdhenu Vidya Mandir, Nagaur was founded in 2014 with the main mission rural education development through value based quality education with an aim of holistic personality development.

   As you are aware, education bestows man with knowledge and reason, makes the mind creative, provides opportunity to understand the world better and guide one in the right path Globalization and increasing diversity in man’s needs generate enhanced demands for competitive

skill and Kamdhenu Vidya Mandir, Nagaur provides the platform that fulfils such needs of the students. It gives me a deep sense of pride to see the seeds of vision of Mr. Daulat Ram Saran (Director, Kamdhenu Vidya Mandir, Nagaur)  blossoming in this stupendous school which I have nurtured with passion, sheer dint of hard work, gift and determination.

   Education in our school is value oriented which upholds the essence of our rich varied Indian culture, at the same time, keeping its door open to the modern thoughts and scientific outlook. The aim of the school is to create a sprit of nationalism, brotherhood, a sense of self-discipline, gentle manner and refined taste.

   In the words of Swami Vivekananda

   “Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man”

   Adequately realizing this need, the school becomes the axis knowledge, erudition and empowerment. With growth and change at a global level. It is our endeavour to provide quality education to make every child eligible to compete with the world outside.

   Our vision of true education is creating a healthy surrounding, upholding moral values and imbibing life skill in our students, addressing the global issues and the dynamic system of education.

The role and responsibility of stakeholders increase manifold in order to accept the universal and humungous facets of change. The child of today is more alert and exposed behavioural changed and peer influence give rise to a demeanour which demands a healthy collaboration among the entire stakeholder.

   In our school the latest reforms of CCE are seamlessly integrated, expanding the potential of the students, thereby empowering them. The spectrum of curriculum encompasses the needs aspirations and global well-being of individuals. The scholastic and co-scholastic activities enhance the creativity, imagination, moral & intellectual capital of the students giving way to a well defined holistic personality, thus fulfilling the need of hour with the consistent and conscientious efforts of the stakeholders, the school fosters a magnificent and memorable learning experience.

Mr. Naresh Kachhawa