Makes reference to a man who has got a romantic and you can/or intimate positioning into guys

There are many identities during the extent off femme, such as ‘reduced femme’, ‘highest femme’, and ‘tough femme’. Don’t use these words about someone if you do not understand it identify together.

Together with a common title to possess lesbian and you may homosexual sex – particular women establish on their own just like the gay rather than lesbian. Some low-digital individuals may identify using this identity.


Have a tendency to indicated with regards to maleness and you can womanliness, gender is largely culturally calculated which will be thought in the intercourse assigned at the birth.

?Sex dysphoria

Used to establish whenever a guy experience discomfort otherwise distress as the there’s a mismatch between its intercourse assigned within beginning and you will its sex title.

This will be along with the clinical prognosis for somebody exactly who cannot be comfortable with the brand new intercourse these people were assigned within birth.

?Intercourse term

Just how a man chooses to outwardly share their sex, inside the context out-of public hopes of sex. An individual who does not conform to social hopes of intercourse might not, however, pick while the trans.

?Intercourse title

Another person’s innate feeling of their unique gender, whether or not men, people or something like that otherwise (select non-binary below), which could or may not correspond to brand new sex assigned within delivery.

?Intercourse reassignment

One other way of outlining someone’s changeover. To go through intercourse reassignment usually means that to go through a global scientific intervention, however it may also suggest modifying labels, pronouns, dressing in different ways and you may living in their care about-identified intercourse.

Intercourse reassignment is a feature that’s included in the new Equality Act 2010, and is also subsequent translated on Equivalence Act 2010 recognized code out of habit. It is an expression of far contention that will be one that Stonewall’s Trans Advisory Class feels will likely be reviewed.?

Sex Detection Certification (GRC)

This enables trans men and women to be lawfully accepted within their verified intercourse and to become granted with a new birth certificate. Never assume all trans people will sign up for a beneficial GRC and also you currently have to get over 18 to make use of.

You certainly do not need a great GRC to change your sex indicators of working or to legally change your sex toward most other files like your passport.

?Gillick competence

A phrase found in scientific laws to determine if a child (below sixteen years old) may be able to accept to their own hospital treatment, without the need for adult consent or education.

Grey (sexual and you will close)

Also known as gray-A beneficial, that is an umbrella term and this refers to people who feel attraction from time to time, rarely, otherwise just around specific conditions. Some one may also use terminology for example homosexual, bi, lesbian, upright and you may queer in conjunction with gray to describe brand new guidelines out of intimate or sexual destination because they experience it.


Identifies a man who has got an intimate and you will/or intimate positioning towards the females or to a woman who’s got an enchanting and you may/or intimate orientation into males.


This is exactly considered a far more scientific name accustomed explain somebody who has a romantic and you will/otherwise intimate direction to the some one of the identical intercourse. The word ‘gay’ is now alot more generally put.


Worries otherwise hate of somebody, based on bias or bad attitudes, opinions or viewpoints on lesbian, gay otherwise bi somebody. Homophobic bullying can be targeted at those who are, otherwise who happen to be detected is, lesbian, homosexual otherwise bi.


An expression familiar with describe somebody who could have the fresh new biological top features of each other sexes otherwise whoever physiological features don’t fit with social assumptions on which comprises person.

Stonewall works closely with intersex groups to incorporate its couples and you will stakeholders recommendations and you can research on areas of drawback knowledgeable by intersex individuals however, does not, after conversations having people in brand new intersex people, is intersex affairs as an element of its newest remit at that stage.